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Chisago Lakes Area

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Fishing has remained about the same. Crappie fishing and Panfish remains good. Walley fishing holding strong since the warm up.

Very limited on bait. Frozen smelt and hot dogs have been a great alternative!



Anglers are continuing to report crappies out in main lake basins.

Crappie minnows seem to be triggering strikes more effectively then bugs.


Walleye action remains strong on Forest, Clear, and Green. Depth has varied from 10-15 feet. We even heard a report of a 28” Walleye caught last week.


Pike and Sunfish continue to feed near weed beds as well




Ice conditions remain about the same. Temps are dropping so more ice should be coming.

Fishing has slowed with the change in temps. Not much action being reported this past week.

Both caught in Chisago Lakes Area this past week! Photo's from Mike's Bait on 8

Mikes Bait on 8 2.png
Mikes Bait on 8.jpg


Walleye action has been great, but very window heavy. It seems like right as the sunsets the fish become very active for s short period of time. 10-12 feet has been a promising depth, if you're finding perch then you're on the right track! Walleyes will move in eventually so be patient!


Crappies are moving out to deeper water now, any of the deeper holes should be holding fish, however, some anglers are still finding fish up in the weeds as well. Crappie minnows seem to be producing much better then Insects.


Sunfish along with Bass and Northen continue to use the weediness. 8-12 feet is a great starting point, but dont be afraid to move shallower! Ive been seeing fish in as little as 3 feet.


The weather looks promising, the ice is getting thicker, and the season is winding down. Get out and fish while you can!





Ice thickness remains about the same 10 -12inches. Made some new ice some days and melted pretty much the same amount other days. 

Fishing has been pretty much identical to last week.

If anything the fishing pressure is starting to drop







Anglers have continued to report 9-12 inches of ice on most lakes. We have heard of people driving, however, we don’t really recommend that.


Panfish have been biting on Chisago and Green with Crappies beginning to push out to the deeper water of 25+ feet. You may still find a few strays in the weeds.


Walleye action has been stellar on Forest and Clear with both a 29” and 31” fish being reported. Sounds like both these fish fell victim to Frozen Smelt. Pike action has been good in the weeds still with live suckers and frozen smelt working well.








Anglers can expect to find anywhere from 6-10 inches of ice on the majority of area lakes. It’s been busy with plenty of anglers getting out to fish.


Anglers have been reporting a solid panfish bite coming out of Chisago and Green. Expect to find the Sunfish in the shallower weeds of 8-12 feet with crappies being concentrated in the mud basins of the main lake.


Forest Lake has been producing Pike on tip ups in most seedbeds and weedlines. Don’t be afraid to get up shallower as well!


Clear and Green have produced some Walleye by the sound of it, however, there is a slot limit that must be followed. Expect to find the walleyes on transitions in 15-20 feet. Evening continues to be the best bite window.

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