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Ottertail Lake Area

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All lake are averaging around 15 - 17 inches of ice. Some of the smaller lake may have less arounf 12 - 13 inches.

Fishing has slowed some and chased away anglers. But those who aren't discouraged have been catching fish. You just have to hole hop a little until you find them.


Walleye fishing on Otter has been good and the bite on West has been the best this past week! 




Otter Tail Lake :  11 - 12 inches of Ice. Walleye fishing has been slow but is starting to pick up. People                                  getting some nice 18 and 19 inchers.

Rush Lake :  11 - 12 inches of Ice. Has been hit and miss as of late for walleye.

West Leaf :  12 - 13 inches of Ice

East Leaf :  12 - 13 inches of Ice

Battle East/West :  Report's area similar to Otter about 11 inches of ice, Crappie bite has been good

Walker Lake :  11 - 12 inches good amounts of crappie being found 11-12 inchers

Pike Fishing/Spearing has been good!

Expect an average of 6 to 7 inches of snow cover out on the lakes

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