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Red Lake

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The walleye bite has slid into its typical January pattern. Limits are still to be had but many anglers are seeing most of their fish after dark and throughout the night. There are days that are better than others and the weather plays a big factor in that. This weekend we are dealing with a couple fronts, snow and wind so when that passes we will dig out and see what it all looks like. We aren't expecting much as far as keeping us off the ice but you never know . We are seeing people try many different things when this time of year comes around. Some are in 7 ft and others in 15. The best report for action is deep, but the fish are small (8 to 10 inchers). Where the larger fish are in shallower but numbers aren't as good.







We've been hard at it the last few days looking for fresh ice and rearranging the houses for the weekend. The weather definitely has cooperated with us too!


We will be working on a new area for wheel houses tomorrow and Thursday as well. The reports coming back in now that the traffic has slowed down is better. The Christmas/ New Years week was tough on the lake as most of the good fishing grounds was beat up badly. But we are making the best of it and will keep on the hunt for walleye!


12 to 14 ft is where the fish seem to be hanging out eating right off the bottom. A Flutter Shaker spoon for the jig pole and a red dot demon for the set lines works great. Set the bait low and let them take it. We have no restrictions on vehicles but we do have a bridge to cross at 1/2 mile so use caution. Keep the speeds low and please use common sense. Good luck the upcoming week and we look forward to seeing everyone!!












Well it's the last day of 2020 and we have decided to open the gates on vehicles.

We will now let out diesel trucks and any size house if you are comfortable on 16 inches of ice. Some places have more some a little less. So use your best judgment and keep the speeds low.


The night bite is still best with a shiner or fathead. Green and red are the best colors. 12 to 14 ft of water and getting away from the crowds. Happy New Year everyone!

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