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Lake Vermilion

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Fishing has been Okay this week. There's still a lot of houses out not as many portables. So the traffic isn't crazy and plenty of space to fish around.

People still catching walleyes on shelfs around the reefs. 25 - 30 ft of water.

Northern Pike action remains really good. Fishing shallow preferably the weed lines!



Fishing has remained slow with the cold weather the past couple weeks.

There is still a lot of people on the lake. Fishing reefs using mainly minnows. Rattle wheels tipped with a minnow. Fish are being marked just a struggle to get them to bite.

People HAVE been finding good perch action out by Ely Island. Using a minnow head or tail and jigging.


Warmer today, fishing should pick up some!







Spearing/Northern Pike action has been OKAY. Stuntz Bay in the mouth or around the island has been good. Fishing in 9 - 15ft

Walleye action has slowed. People are still fishing Reefs and Muds. Big Bay has been the go to spot for most.

Ice is thick, Vehicles driving out all over now. Plan to drive a 4x4 to venture out past the snow cover.

Daytime fishing = WHITE FISH CITY!






Getting a good average of 18 inches of GOOD ICE. People are driving out half tons pulling castles.

The snow cover isn't bad so venturing off the plowed path should be easy with 4 wheel drive.

Fishing has been up and down. Best bite has been early morning and late afternoon for walleye.

Search for 20 - 30 ft in the reefs or mud flats. Jigging has done better than dead-sticking as of late.

Jumbo's are being found though spotty. Using a crappie jig, tipped with minnow head.

Northern Pike bite has been great this week! Head out of McKinley launch and around Stuntz Bay. Both Spearing and Angling has been great fun!




Excpect an average of about 15 inches of ice. Lots more people are starting to drive out. Again there IS a plowed road for people to use. Thank the locals for that!


Pike Bay Lodge has houses out around the mud flats and has been doing well. Also a lot of people fishing the reefs still.


Fishing has be OK. With good and bad days.

Larger size walleyes are being caught! Using both jigging and dead sticking methods.


Some Jumbo perch are also being caught. Using only a minnow head OR tail.


And if you've lost your sense of smell due to covid or other can catch a TON of Tulipe if you so wish! They're biting! 









Report for Eastern side of Lake Vermilion.

There is currently an average of 14 - 18 inches of ice. With a road plowed complimentary of the locals in the area. So please pass a long a friendly thank you if you see them with their plows.

Big Bay Area

Groups fishing a majority of the reefs. In depths of 20 - 30ft for walleye with an occasional tulip, pout or pike.

Morning bite has been best. Shiners, chubs, working well. Throw on a 4" pike sucker if dead sticking or using a rattle. Seems to be the ticket!


Expect groups out by Birch Island, and the mouth of Pike Bay.


With the larger houses, vehicles, and people heading out now. We're gradually getting an increase of water pressure coming up through the ice. Please plan for slushing conditions, for it is always changing!

Stay Safe be cautious of others

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