Chartreuse/Black MN Hook Cap

Chartreuse/Black MN Hook Cap

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This Midnight Black Flexfit hat is embroidered with both 3D and smooth Charteuse designs making it not only stand out to the eye but also to the touch. While this hat doesn't actually glow-in-the-dark (we tried) it does shine brighter than all the rest!


Plus I think we all know Charteuse colors catch all the best fish...



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    This is a FlexFit hat with the front paneling made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The hat's back paneling is made up of 95% polyester and 5% spandex making for a nice stretchy soft fit. The overal hat is a Midnight Black color throughout. The hat's under bill is a light grey. The front fishing logo design is made with a charteuse color embroidery thread which not only stands out to the eye but also to the touch. While this hat DOES NOT glow-in-the-dark (we tried) it does catch everyone's eye. Plus we all know charteuse colors catche some of the BEST fish out there! The front design has a unique 3D finish that stands out from the flat front planel of the hat. The back of the hat has a strikingly cool walleye logo with it's fin's in the shape of a "MN". Letting everyone on your tail know we rep the Minnesota's Fishing Community!