White/Plaid MN Hook Cap

White/Plaid MN Hook Cap

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This Red and Black Plaid Flexfit hat Whispers in the Woods I Live in the Great Northern Outdoors! With it's bright white embroidered 3D and smooth logo designs. This hat makes the perfect outerwear for any occasion including this year's Lumberjack Fisherman's Formal...




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    This is a FlexFit hat made from 64% polyester 34% rayon and 2% spandex making for a nice stretchy soft fit. This hat has a red/black plaid pattern throughout which really screams the northern outdoors. The front MN Hook design is a bright white 3D embroidered logo. Making this design really stand out. On the back of each hat is a smooth white embroidered MN Walleye design. This hat was made for each and every outdoorsman or outdoorswoman!